Crossroads CEIC Member Participation Request

Crossroads Community Members/Business Members/Parents:

This is a formal posting notice and invitation to any/all parents of Crossroads High School students, community members, and business members that you are eligible to be nominated and selected to serve on the Crossroads Campus Educational Improvement Committee (CEIC).

This committee is comprised of 4 Teachers, Central Office representation, Principal/AP, a non-teaching professional, a paraprofessional, 2 parents, 2 community members, and 2 Burleson business members. Their function is to serve on the CEIC and to be active in the decision making processes here at Crossroads throughout the school year (2018-2019).

The committee shall meet approximately once per six weeks, a minimum of four documented meetings per year.

Please call Janie Trevino, Principal’s Secretary, if you have interest in serving on the CEIC and you can attend and participate in meetings. Thank you.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Mekasha Brown, Principal